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Palm Beach In Person Traffic Ticket Courses

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4 hr BDI Ticket Class

This BDI Traffic Ticket Class can be taken to avoid points for Traffic Citations, Summons or Traffic Violations. You must

Palm Beach County Driving Lessons

Affordable Driving Traffic School has been providing quality driving instruction and helped students of all ages (teens, adults, elderly) develop

Drug & Alcohol Class

In Florida, to get a Learner’s Permit or Drivers License, you need to attend a first time Traffic Law and

Teen Youthful Offender Class, STOP or TOAD Course

This Court Ordered Course is designed to assist young, novice drivers to deal with issues due to their driving behavior

8 Hours IDC Court Ordered

If you were Ordered by The Judge or the Court to Attend an 8 Hours Course in Person, this is

8 hr Aggressive Driving Improvement Course

This course is intended for drivers who are perceived by the Court \ Judge to exhibit signs of aggressive driving

Mature Insurance Discount Course

If you are 55 years of age or older, you can save on your insurance rates by attending our Mature

12 Hours ADI Course

Florida drivers who receive too many tickets and accumulate too many points will get a suspended driver’s license and have

3 Crashes in 3 Years Course

You must complete this department approved class If you were convicted of or plead nolo contendre to your third traffic

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