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With many years of driving instruction experience, in other States and over twenty five years here in the Palm Beach County area, Affordable Driving Traffic School has positioned to be one of the best Driving Schools in the Palm Beach County area because of our devotion to teach students not only to pass the DMV road test, but to truly teach driving in actual traffic in the Palm Beach County Area.

Yes! From day one, gradually and in a secure and safe manner, students will experience real behind the wheel on the road driving practice. Novice students will start their first driving lesson on small streets and progressively to major roads and I-95 highway driving; ultimately our students will become accustom to drive defensively and in a safe manner.

Nervous Parent or Student?

Parents and/or students have nothing to worry about. We have professional, friendly, courteous, punctual and experienced driving instructors. Our instructors here at Affordable Driving Traffic School have been trained in the latest and modern methods of teaching and are all licensed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. It is the law in Florida that each instructor be licensed; in order to become a Licensed Driving Instructor, we must pass a Driving Instructor’s Course. Our Instructors are re-certified annually and in order to do so we must go through a background check. Additionally, our instructors must also complete a meticulous and extensive training program provided by our master Instructors here at Affordable Driving Traffic School. Even though, not required by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles all our Instructors are College Educated. Our instructors are also required to enhance their driving instruction knowledge and teaching methods by attending driving safety seminars and keep up with the latest driving training safety techniques and updated with the latest Florida State Traffic Statutes (Laws).

Still Nervous?

Vehicles for our driving lessons are late model and State licensed for driving Instruction. Our vehicles are dual controlled with brakes and accelerator pedals, !!yes gas pedals!!, that always gives us (the instructors) total control of the vehicle from our side in case we need to take over in dangerous situations. Our cars don’t have dual steering wheel. Through the many years of driving teaching experience, we have perceived that the extra steering wheel doesn’t allow the students to feel the total control of the car and prevents the students to improve on their driving skills.

Our vehicles are maintained mechanically on a routine basis to ensure the safety of our students as well as our Instructors. Our vehicles are also monitored by a GPS tracking system, so we always know where our students are located while taking their driving lessons.

Behind the Wheel Instruction

We at Affordable Driving Traffic School have quality service at reasonable affordable rates.

We include free pick-up and drop off at home, work or school. This is extremely appropriate for students and/or parents who sometimes find it inconvenient to take time off from daily activities such as work or household obligations to transport themselves or their kids to their driving lessons. We offer driving lessons seven days a week and work with the student’s busy schedule.

Each of our Behind the Wheel Instruction or Driving Lesson, consists of a two-hours personalized one-on-one session. We know that students learn best when our instructors give each student their undivided attention and that is why students will not share driving lessons with any other students, so that the Instructor can concentrate on the student’s weakness and quick learning.

We have designed our own Behind the Wheel training curriculum approved by the State, that covers securely different aspects, strategies and driving behaviors. Our instructors based on our driving training curriculum and the vast teaching experience can teach any student the importance of being a courteous, safe and responsible driver. Most importantly, our instructors teach our students how to handle a vehicle in dangerous situations, in other words driving defensively.

Driving Lessons

For those students that might require more than just a couple of lessons we offer Eight-Hours, Ten-Hours and 12-Hours Driving Package Deals. These packages will help the students save money while obtaining additional professional instruction. Highway Driving is included in any of these packages at Instructor's discretion.

Young students, 15 - 24 years old, who complete six or more hours of behind the wheel instruction, will receive a certificate of completion accepted by most insurance companies for their insurance discount programs.

  • Over 29 years of teaching experience in Palm Beach County.
  • Beginners, Adults, Nervous and Brush up lessons.
  • Free pick-up and drop off service.
  • Available 7 days a week.
  • Special programs for teenagers.
  • Special programs for the nervous and the elderly.
  • Late model dual control vehicles.
  • Bilingual Instructors (English, Spanish).
  • Practice on most weather conditions (rain).
  • Use one of our Vehicles for Driving Test at our facility.
  • !! WE GIVE THE ROAD TEST !! At our facility.
  • Gift Certificates Available (once purchased are not refundable )


We are a Third Party Agency authorized by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to give the road test at our facility. Cars for the Driving road test service are included for this service. On the day of the road test, a brush-up practice is highly recommended prior to the test.

What is Included in the Driving Behind the Wheel Test Service?

  • Use one of Driving School Cars for Skills Driving Test at our Facility.
  • Booking for the Road Test appointment at on the day that is most convenient for student at our facility.
  • Student must bring learner’s permit for the test. (If under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign our consent form.
  • If student wears glasses or contact lenses for driving, student must bring them for the Road test.
  • We will upload Road Test results immediately after Road test is taken.

packages and prices

NOTE: Lessons and Road Test must be cancelled 48 hours in advance to avoid penalty fees or forfeit of lesson, No cancellations are accepted by text nor emails, no exceptions.

Affordable Driving School

Driving Lessons Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need a learner’s permit or a License to take driving lessons?

Yes, it is against the law in the State of Florida to drive without a Driver’s License or Learners Permit.

Do I have to drive myself to your Driving School?

No, depending in the area you live, work or go to school , we offer pick up and drop off service at no extra charge. Call us for more details.

Are your cars dual controlled?

Yes, At Affordable Driving School all our vehicles are dual controlled vehicles (brake and yes!!, accelerator pedal) that allow us, the Instructors, to have complete control of the automobile in dangerous situations.

Can I schedule Driving Lessons Appointments without my parents?

No, if you are under 18, we need permission from a parent or guardian to be able to schedule any Driving Lessons Appointments.

Can I get picked up at home even if my Parents aren’t home?

Yes, as long as Affordable Driving School has permission from your parents to pick you up they don’t have to be home.

Will I be able to make my own Schedule?

Yes, Here at Affordable Driving School we will do our best to accommodate to your schedule, since we work by appointments, we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Do I share my lesson with other students?

No, at Affordable Driving School, you will only obtain one-on-one instruction, meaning that you won’t share your lessons with anyone else. We only offer individual lessons.

What happens if I need more than one lesson?

At Affordable Driving School we offer different Driving Lesson Packages so our students can save some money. We offer Eight-Hours, Ten-Hours and 12-Hours Driving Packages. Highway Driving is included in all our packages at Instructor's discretion.

Can I rent one of your cars for the DMV test?

Yes, Cars for the Driving road test service are provided as part of the service.

Does any driving time is taken from my driving lessons package to take the Road Test at Affordable Driving School?

No, your driving time is respected and our school will not deduct any time from any of your driving lessons time. That is why the Skills Road Test Service is separate from our package deals.

Does Affordable Driving School Covers Highway Training?

Affordable Driving School’s goal is the safety of Students as well as our instructors and that is why highway training is at the Instructors’ discretion based on the students driving skills. If the instructor considers that the student is ready to go on the highway, he/she will cover highway driving and usually is done on the last lesson. Single Driving Lessons don’t qualify for highway training, unless prior lessons have been taken at Affordable Driving School.

Are your instructors State Certified?

Yes, all our instructors are Florida State Certified; we must attend a Florida State required course (32 hours) and complete a meticulous and extensive driving instructor training provided by our master Instructors here at Affordable Driving Traffic School. Even though not required by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, all our Instructors are College Educated. Also, all our Driving Instructors must have a yearly background check in order to be re-certified by the State.

Do I receive a certificate of completion for insurance discount?

Yes, upon completion of six or more hours, Students will receive a Certificate of Completion, which is accepted by most insurance companies. Call your insurance company to ensure acceptance of Driving School Certificates.

Are Gift Certificates Available for Driving Lessons?

Yes, we have gift certificates for driving lessons.

Driving Lessons in Palm Beach County

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