Driving Lessons Package Deals

All our packages include the following, just choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • 1:1 Private lessons with a State Certified Professional Instructor.
  • Lessons not shared with any other students.
  • Free pickup and drop off at home, work, school
  • Practice in real traffic.
  • Dual Control Vehicle, (Brake and Gas Pedals)
  • Any day of the Week ( Available 7 days a Week)
  • Freeway (I-95) Driving at Discretion of Instructor. (depending on students driving skills)
  • Certificate of Completion for Insurance Discounts (check with your Insurance Company)
  • DMV Road test preparation.

DMV Road Test Service

  • No time will be deducted for this service out of any of student’s driving packages.
  • Use one of Driving School Cars for DMV Test.
  • Scheduling of the Road Test appointment at DMV on the day that is most convenient for student (usually with-in ten days of last driving lesson).
  • Pick up at home, work or school. Pick up time is usually one hour prior to appointment time.
  • A 15 - 20 minute practice prior to test.
  • Must be at DMV 10 -15 minutes prior to appointment.
  • Instructor will assist student through out the whole DMV Road Test process.
  • Student must bring learner’s permit and all required documentation. (If under 18 years of age, parent consent form. If not a US citizen, Immigration documents.
  • If student wears glasses or contact lenses for driving, student must bring them for the DMV Road test.
  • We will provide proof of Insurance, vehicle registration and State of Florida Driving School Licenses.
  • A service fee of $6.25 must be paid by student to Tax Collector for DMV test.
  • Regardless of time spend at DMV test, student will not be charged any extra fees.

Single 2 Hours Driving Lesson

2 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (1Lessons, 2 hours per lesson)

  • Certificate of Completion for Insurance Discounts requires at least 6 hours behind the wheel Instruction, 3 of these lessons, (check with your Insurance Company)
  • A single lesson does not qualify for Freeway (I-95) driving, unless prior lessons had been taken and at instructor's approval.

For teens and adults who are looking to brush up their driving. Also for students who want of practice their driving skills before DMV Road test.

This Lesson can be upgraded to any of our packages, just pay the difference.


8 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Package

8 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (4 Lessons X 2 hours per lesson)

Good for teenagers and adults who are looking to learn some fundamental driving skills. This package is also good for those students who had some previous driving practice and want to reinforce more of their driving skills.

This Package can be upgraded to any other package.


10 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Package

10 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (5 lessons X 2 hours per Lesson)

This package is Ideal for students without any prior Driving Practice and want to learn driving properly and safely. Also Designed for teens and adults who want to learn safe, defensive driving skills and to reinforce their driving. Usually includes freeways and parallel parking (depending on students skills)

This Package can be upgraded to a 12 hour package. 


12 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Package

12 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (6 lessons X 2 hours per lesson)

This 12 hours Package is our most Popular package; it is a complete safe driving choice for novice adult and teenager students.

Most comprehensive course with freeway, parallel parking, (depending on students skills)

Additional Lesson can be taken at $90 per lesson.


With Package DMV Road Test Service

  • Student must have taken one of our driving packages for this service, single lessons dont qualify for this package.


Single Lessons DMV Road Test Service

  • Student must have taken at least one single lesson to qualify for this service.