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We are Teaching all our In-Person Traffic Ticket Classes and Driving Lessons During the Covid-19 Pandemic following all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Affordable Driving Traffic School has been offering In Person Traffic School Courses, Driving Lessons and Florida On-Line Traffic School Classes, to tens of thousands of satisfied students in the Palm Beach County area since 1995.

All our Traffic Ticket Courses and Driving Instruction Programs are Approved and Certified by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Our Traffic Ticket Classes have also been approved by Department of Motor Vehicles of other States such as Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, California, just to name a few. These Courses are taught by Certified and Experienced Professional Instructors to help students improve theirs Driving knowledge and safety.

For traffic tickets or Traffic Citations (summons), students can elect the 4 hours Basic Driving Improvement Class to avoid points, which in turn prevents increase of insurance rates (excluding accident cases depending on insurance company criteria).

For new drivers, students must first attend a 4 hours Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Class also known as the Drug and Alcohol class. Once this DATE class is completed student are reported to Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; students also receive a Certificate of Completion as proof that this Drug and Alcohol class was successfully completed. Second step is to take the written test or what is now called the knowledge test of the Florida Traffic laws and regulations. Students must read the Florida Hand Book in order to pass this test. Once the student passes the knowledge or written test a learner’s permit is issued and this is what a student needs so that we can teach behind the wheel lessons.

For Driving Lessons or Behind the Wheel Instruction, students must have a learner’s permit regardless of age. Our lessons are private and consist of 2 hours each lesson (we have driving package deals). We pick up our students at home, school or work at no extra charge. Our Driving Instructors are State Certified (we all must pass a background check every year). Our Driving School cars are dual control, so we have total control of the vehicle. We really teach our students how to drive properly.

Live Traffic Courses

4 hr BDI & TCAC In-Person Class

This BDI Traffic Ticket Class can be taken to avoid points for Traffic Citations, Summons or Traffic Violations. You must attend this class if you are Court Ordered by a Judge or if you received a Letter from Tallahassee ordering you to attend a BDI Class. Other States accept this class to satisfy court requirements.

Palm Beach County Driving Lessons

Affordable Driving Traffic School has been providing quality driving instruction and helped students of all ages (teens, adults, elderly) develop proper driving habits since 1995. We have also helped nervous students, who have difficulty driving, overcome their fears and drive with confidence on all major roads.

Drug & Alcohol Class

In order to obtain a Learner’s Permit or Drivers License for the first time in the State of Florida, a person needs to attend a first time Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Class (TLSAE), what is commonly known as the Drug and Alcohol Traffic Education Awareness Class DATE. This is a requirement for all new drivers regardless of age.

Youthful Offender Class, Teen Course or TOAD Course

This Court Ordered Course is designed to assist young, novice drivers to deal with issues due to their driving behavior. Attendance of this class must be in person. Certificate of completion is issued at the end of the class. Accepted in all Florida Counties.

8 Hours IDC Court Ordered

If you were Ordered by The Judge or the Court to Attend an 8 Hours Course in Person, this is the Right 8 hour IDI Class you need to attend. Our Certificate is accepted in all Florida Counties. It is also Approved in other States.

8 hr Aggressive Driving Improvement Course

This course is intended for drivers who are perceived by the Court \ Judge to exhibit signs of aggressive driving behavior and were ordered to attend this In-Person Class.

Mature Insurance Discount Course

If you are 55 years of age or older, you can save on your insurance rates by attending our Mature Driver Course. Accepted by all Insurance Companies.

12 Hours ADI Course

Florida drivers who receive too many tickets and accumulate too many points will eventually get a suspended driver’s license and have to take an Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course in order to get their driver’s license reinstated. Register for the ADI Class, pay for the ADI Course, get an ADI Proof of Enrollment and get your Driver License today, take the class later.

3 IN 3 Course

You must complete this department approved class If you were convicted of, or plead nolo contendre to your third traffic offense that caused a crash within 36 months. We offer both, the class room 12 hours ADI class and the 4 hours behind the wheel segments of the class.

Our Traffic Courses are available In person, Online or DVD formats to help you complete your traffic school requirement in a manner that is most convenient for you.

We offer a variety of Traffic School courses such as:

4 Hours BDI Class

Drug and Alcohol Class

Youthful Offender Course

8 hour Judge Order Course

Aggressive Driving Course

12 Hours ADI Class

3 Crashes in 3 Years

Traffic School Classes are taught In-Person, which is the best and easiest way to complete your class, at two convenient locations:

West Palm Beach Traffic School Main Location

3167 Forest Hill Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Delray Beach \ Boca Raton Classroom Location

15820 South Military Trail

Delray Beach, FL 33484

At the Duncan Conference Center.

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