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Palm Springs Florida Driving School

Affordable Driving Traffic School has helped thousands of students improve their driving skills in the Palm Springs Florida area since 1995. We offer Driving Instruction to Beginners, Nervous, Teenagers and Adult Drivers and to those students that might want or need to improve their driving behavior.

Our Driving Lessons are taught by Florida State Certified Professional Instructors in Palm Springs Florida in real traffic, not in parking lots. For beginner drivers we start in small streets with light traffic such as Greenbriar Drive, Davis Road, Purdy Lane, Kirk Road, Alameda Drive, Canal 9th Road, Gulfstream Road, just to name a few. Progressively we introduce our students to major roads and intersections such as Forest Hill Blvd, Congress Avenue, 10th Avenue North, Military Trail, Lake Worth Rd; eventually on the last sessions our students get to experience the I-95 Freeway or Florida Turnpike driving, obviously at the discretion of the Driving Instructor.

We include free pick-up and drop off from home, work or school in the Palm Springs Florida. This is convenient for students and/or parents who sometimes find it difficult to take time off from daily activities such as work or household responsibilities to transport themselves or their kids to the driving instruction. We offer driving lessons seven days a week and work with the student’s busy schedule.

Each of our Behind the Wheel Instruction or Driving Lesson, consists of a two-hours personalized one-on-one session. We know that students learn best when our instructors give each student their complete attention and that is why students will not share driving lessons with any other students, so that the Instructor can concentrate on the student’s weakness and rapid learning.

We have designed our own Behind the Wheel training curriculum approved by the State, that covers securely different aspects, strategies and driving behaviors. Our instructors based on our driving training curriculum and the vast teaching experience can teach any student the importance of being a courteous, safe and responsible driver. Most importantly, our instructors teach our students how to handle a vehicle in dangerous situations, in other words driving defensively.

Since Palm Beach County is an immense County, we tend to practice our lesson with our students in cities close to where they live, for instance students who live in the Palm Springs area, the driving training will be taught on surrounding cities such as West Palm Beach, Greenacres, Lake Clark Shores, Lake Worth and Lantana just to mention a few.

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We have the lowest Driving Lessons Fees in the Palm Springs Florida Area.

We serve in the following zip code areas in Palm Springs 33401, 33415, 33406, 33413, 33463 just to name a few.